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Welcome to Behind The Moon Dezignz.  This is a design site that makes tourney pages, newsletters (coming soon), name banners for tour pages, admin forum siggies (coming soon) for MyLeague.  I am the only designer at the moment but plan to add another designer or 2 in the future.  There are loads of pages for you to choose from that are free and ready to use.  There is also a section that should you enjoy my work, i ask for a small donation so that i may continue to offer you quality work.

You will see on some pages I have the artist's name and a license number.  Those pictures, people, etc I have to purchase so your donation is greatly appreciated so i may continue to purchase the beautiful artwork.  If you wish a "Special Page" there is a small charge for this.  Click the "Request Form" button and fill in the details.  Once PayPal has your fee, I will have a 3 to 4 day "turn-around" (except around major holidays...could be a little longer) and you will get your new page.

Sit back, relax and start checking out my beautiful pages.  I hope you like what you see.  If you want to see certain tour page types, click the "contact" button and let me know and I'll get right too it.  I am sorry but there are 2 types that i will not do at this time and they are Adult with alot of nudity (MyLeague won't allow them) and bloody gothic...medium / mild goth i will do.

There are alot of things I CAN NOT use because of copywrite laws.  This is only a partial list but it gives you an idea:  WARNER BROTHERS, ANY SPORTS TEAM, DISNEY, TATTYBEARS, COKE/PEPSI/DRINKS, BETTY BOOP, NASCAR, and others.  The things I use are found on the internet or purchased by me and i have the license to use it.  If you are the owner of something found on the internet, please contact me and I'll give you credit or I will delete it. 

 I am 100% Copywrite Compliant so please don't ask me to do otherwise.